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What is Cloud Technology with an Example?

What is Cloud Technology with an Example?

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What is Cloud Technology with an Example

Cloud computing is when software and hardware resources are managed as an external service via the internet. Service providers can provide different cloud computing solutions based on an organization’s specific needs such as delivering software applications, network storage or virtual IT servers. One of the major benefits of cloud computing is that it is designed for flexibility and can support large workflow surges on demand. If you are wondering what cloud technology is with an example, here are some of the different models as well as details about how particular businesses are using cloud technology to their advantage.

Cloud Models

The three types of cloud models are software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

SaaS – Most people are familiar with how SaaS works if they have used applications like Gmail or Outlook. SaaS offers completely functional programs for users even if they are not installed or reside on their devices. These applications typically run in a browser and is the most familiar model to most users.

PaaS – Software as a service solution needs to sit on a platform. Typically, platform as a service models are offered to corporate facing clients in the form of operating environments, virtual servers, database environments, and function as the middle component between a consumer-facing application and the hardware it resides on.

IaaS – Platforms need to sit upon infrastructure and infrastructure as a service is essentially the backbone – networking components, physical services, and device storage that support PaaS and SaaS. IaaS is common with corporate clients looking for a mix of privacy and speed along with cost savings.

How Cloud Computing Works

An example of how cloud computing works that most people would recognize is Netflix. With Netflix, data is streamed so that users can view a movie online and not have to be physically sent a DVD.

As far as an example of how cloud technology works for a business, Netflix is also a good reference. As the company rapidly expanded and gained even more viewers each month, they began to max out their internal data centre capabilities. So, they moved to the cloud in order to take advantage of rapid scalability to be able to meet spikes as well as adjust to slower times. The scalability that Netflix needed and gets from the using cloud services is pretty impressive. In fact, on an average weeknight in North America, Netflix accounts for almost one-third of internet traffic yet by midnight the volume has plummeted.

For businesses, cloud computing offers so many benefits from increased flexibility, faster deployment and is a lower cost solution than a traditional in-house IT team. To find out more about how your business can benefit from the cloud, get a free assessment today.

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