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What is IT Support Role?

What is IT Support Role?

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What is IT Support Role?

The role of IT support is generally viewed as solving problems that a business may be having online or with hardware. As not everyone as the knowledge required to solve computer-related issues and full-time support staff can be expensive, many companies offer IT support and Managed Services to businesses to help them keep their systems running optimally and their data secure. Exactly what is an IT support role? There can be various types and service models to choose from depending on your business needs. 

Types of IT Support

There are three common types of IT support, being Block Hours, Managed Services and Time & Material Support.

Block Hours: With a block hours IT support model, a business will pay for a certain number of hours that can be used when they need assistance. Depending on the type of service contact, the block of hours can typically be used over a certain period of time such as per month, per quarter or per year.

Managed Services: Managed IT Service Providers are an off-site, in-house IT team. They are typically located in the same city or geographic area so that they can provide in-house assistance when needed. Managed Service partners are more than just simply an IT support team, they are strategic partners that have a wide range of expertise, from setting up networks and computers, to actively monitoring security systems, keeping your environment up to date and secure, delivering rapid response times in addition to providing high-level strategic decision making regarding your entire IT infrastructure.

Time & Material Support: This is the most basic pay as you go option. Businesses pay for the labour and materials used when dealing with IT issues on a case by case basis. The labour rate will be predetermined and be calculated for whatever time is spent correcting the issue, performing installations or completing an assigned project.

What IT Support Role Suits Your Business?

For very tiny organizations that are fairly experienced in providing their own technical support, Time & Material or Block Hours support may be adequate for their needs. As organizations tend to grow and with the on-going increase in cyber security threats, many businesses are choosing to partner with a reputable Managed Service Provider on an on-going contract.

When your business works with a Managed Service Provider like MBC, an entire team of IT experts is dedicated to managing your IT needs and make recommendations based on your business. Support teams are available 24/7 and most requests can be completely resolved in just minutes, maximizing your organization’s productivity. Plus, you can have peace of mind that backups are properly managed and stored, patches are always done on time and everything is tested on a routine basis to ensure your organization is always secure.

Now that you know more about the IT support role and the different options available to your business, you can evaluate what model will best suit your needs. To find out more about how MBC can help support your entire IT infrastructure and security needs, get a free assessment today.

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