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What is Managed Services Business Model?

What is Managed Services Business Model?

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What is Managed Services Business Model

No matter what type of business or industry you are in, using a Managed Service Provider can make your life much easier and give you the peace of mind you need that your business has the IT support that it needs. Typically, Managed Services will handle the daily operations of your IT applications, provide end-user support and free your staffing resources to focus on core business areas. Wondering what is the Managed Service Business model and why your business may need Managed Services? Let us explain below. 

Reasons You May Need Managed Services

There are a number of signs that it may be time for your business to find a Managed Service Provider. Some top reasons can include:

  • Experiencing too many service outages and downtime.
  • Not achieving expected results due to a lack of support and service.
  • Overspending on business application tweaks but experiencing unsatisfactory performance.
  • Losing data from not having adequate solutions.

Many business owners and managers today are under a lot of pressure to juggle meeting operational expectations, performance metrics and the security needs of their business, all while managing costs. One of the benefits of the Managed Services business model is that it offers a predictable cost, which can be especially beneficial if you are setting future growth goals.

Another advantage of the Managed Services business model is that often in-house IT staff may not be experienced with new technology or have the expertise to manage new complex applications. The Managed Service model works particularly well for businesses that:

  • Do not have significant resources to handle maintenance, updates, and repairs.
  • Want a monthly fixed cost in exchange for a high level of service and added value to their business.
  • Needs their IT infrastructure to support its daily operations.

Better Cost Control

With the subscription pricing of the Managed Services business model, businesses have much better cost control. Expenses that can be eliminated by using a Managed Service Provider can include IT department resources, training, equipment, and personnel. Instead, all the elements and expertise needed to manage your business’s IT is handled by your Managed Service Provider and you are just responsible for a predictable, fixed monthly charge.

Better Risk Management

No matter what business you have, there is always a certain amount of risk. Taking advantage of the Managed Services business model can help lower your risk exposure as they have access to the latest infrastructure, software and are up to date with industry best practices. Because a Managed Service provider’s expertise surrounding compliance and security, they assume and manage much of the risk your company may face and can identify processes to help your organization avoid risk.

Choosing the Right Managed Service Provider

While Managed Services is an excellent strategy to allow your organization to be cost predictable, highly resilient and secure, it is important to find a Managed Services partner that can lead and deliver on the IT strategy that is right for your unique business. At MBC, our Account Services team delivers exceptional strategic planning and oversight of your entire IT infrastructure. Plus, with our security expertise, we provide proactive monitoring of your systems and protection against cyber threats, offering real-time responses to any detected cyber threats or critical alerts.

At MBC, our mission is to is our mission is to keep everyone in your organization satisfied each and every day with our delightful IT service. To learn more about how MBC can support your business, get a free assessment today.

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