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What Is Network Traffic Monitoring?

What Is Network Traffic Monitoring?

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On a personal level, nobody likes slow internet speeds. If the movie you’re watching keeps buffering or the cursor on the document you’re typing up lags behind your keystrokes, it’s easy to become so frustrated that you question the point of the internet in the first place. However, on a business level, interruptions and slowdowns of the internet can have devastating consequences. Money can be lost, contracts can be voided and customer confidence can plummet. This is why network traffic monitoring is so important. What is network traffic monitoring? Find out in this article.

What Is Network Traffic Monitoring?

Network traffic monitoring is the measurement of the number of devices connected to a network, how much bandwidth each of those devices is using and what they’re using that bandwidth for.

In a home environment, there may be half a dozen devices connected to the network at any one time. Devices such as smart TVs or video game consoles might use quite a bit of bandwidth to stream movies or power multiplayer online games, while a laptop used for word processing might use a relatively small amount.

However, if you translate a setup such as this to a large business, you may have hundreds or even thousands of devices connected to the network at any one time. This is where network traffic monitoring becomes much more important. Ascertaining who is using the most bandwidth and why can be the difference between a functioning business and a lot of useless equipment.

What Are The Benefits Of Network Traffic Monitoring?

In a business environment, network traffic monitoring can be essential to smooth operations.

When there are a large number of devices connected to the network, including equipment such as servers that can be integral for the overall functioning of a business, monitoring the network traffic can help identify and prevent bottlenecks that slow down everyone’s productivity.

Network traffic monitoring can also help identify where most of the bandwidth is being used and why.

It can allow the various bandwidth users to be sorted by type, importance and cost.

An understanding of network traffic patterns allows for the recognition of abnormal activity which can create an alert for the possibility of a problem.

Monitoring trends in network traffic can inform the need for equipment and/or bandwidth upgrades. It can reduce guesswork and guide the acquisition of the appropriate hardware, software and bandwidth packages according to need.

Traffic trends can also be used to identify peak-use times and help reorganize operations to increase efficiency.

Ultimately, network traffic monitoring should enable a business to troubleshoot problems, reduce downtime, increase productivity and provide the ideal level of service.

How Is Network Traffic Monitored?

In the example of the home network, monitoring the traffic is as simple as identifying the connected devices and how they’re being used. In a business environment, this becomes much more complicated and typically involves the use of network traffic monitoring tools. Often these are software programs that can identify and analyze the numerous connections and provide reports or an easy-to-read dashboard to allow monitoring in real-time. Administrators can be alerted to potential problems or anomalous behaviour to maintain basic levels of service and prevent downtime. Network traffic monitoring tools can protect the integrity of a business and allow it to function seamlessly.

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