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What Is Private Cloud Automation?

What Is Private Cloud Automation?

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Private Cloud Automation

More and more business computing processes are migrating to the cloud. By using virtual data centres, businesses can save money on hardware, physical storage space and employee expenditures. Private clouds also offer more security, faster processing and time-saving workarounds that aren’t available with public cloud computing or traditional server systems. Private cloud automation also allows resources to be freed up to work on tasks that aren’t as repetitive and time consuming. So, what is private cloud automation and how can it benefit today’s businesses? With this article, we’ll find out.

What Is Private Cloud Automation?

Private cloud automation is the process of creating programs that allow services in the private cloud to be used on demand. The underlying programming allows the user to easily access tools, resources and capabilities available in the cloud when they need them. The use of these resources is automatically monitored in calibrated increments that allows for ease of auditing and billing. Tools and resources can include, but aren’t limited to, storage space, encryption, virtual server use and computing processes. Automation allows users the ability to use all these functions without any mediation required by another person.

How Is Private Cloud Automation Implemented?

Private cloud automation doesn’t occur by itself. It must be conceived, built and implemented by programmers or IT experts. There are several tools available that allow these capabilities to be created and implemented. Once cloud automation is implemented, it removes the need for further repetitive work or human intervention when resources are called up by a user.

What Are the Benefits of Private Cloud Automation?

There are several benefits to implementing private cloud automation, some of which are listed here:

Elimination of Repetitive Work

One of the main benefits of automation in the cloud is that it removes the need for time-consuming, repetitive work to be carried out using human resources. Complicated or repetitive undertakings can often be completed with a single click of a mouse. Manual work is reduced allowing time and resources to be allocated elsewhere.

Improved Security

Private cloud automation also improves security by removing the human element from complicated or monotonous processes. Integral systems are allowed to run autonomously and remove the need for multiple logins which can open the door to malicious actors or ill-timed mistakes.

Reduce Overlooked Processes

Important systems and information can be backed up regularly without the need for human action. No matter how much emphasis is placed on backing up systems and information, the task often gets relegated in favour of “more important” duties. Automating backup processes removes the need for prioritization and ensures the job gets done reliably.

Standardize Processes

Private cloud automation also ensures that resources are standardized and don’t rely on subjective decision making. The infrastructure is protected because it’s controlled by a set of parameters that are consistent, pre-planned and unemotional. As opposed to manual systems, automation guarantees a defined level of uniformity.

Increase Usage Efficiency

Private cloud automation can be used to monitor resource levels and usage. This allows the users to get the most out of their system while being informed of resources that aren’t being utilized or appear to have been abandoned.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

For sensitive industries that are under scrutiny for compliance with regulatory policies, private cloud automation can ensure regulations are met. The human error factor is removed and standardized, automated procedures are implemented in its place.

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