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What is Support Level 1?

What is Support Level 1?

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It is probably safe to say that almost everyone that has worked in a corporate office has had some type of experience dealing with an IT help desk. Also referred to as technical support, the help desk team assists users of tech products in a wide variety of ways ranging from simple password resets, troubleshooting printer connections, or solving complex server and network issues. While some businesses have their own internal IT support teams, it is increasingly common for businesses to partner with a Managed Service Provider instead to provide their IT support.

Before a business will invest in an IT service provider, they typically have a number of questions regarding how their business will be supported as well as what their approach and turnaround time is to handling technical support tickets.

Traditionally, IT support levels are classified in tiers, with ‘Support Level 1’ being the base level and the tier that your employees will most often interact with. What exactly is Support Level 1 and what services does it include? Below, we will explain the different tiers and the service that you can expect when you partner with MBC.

Regular Support Level 1

For many corporations and managed IT service providers, Support Level 1 is essentially a front-of-the-line triage system. Similar to when you are sick and make a visit to a hospital emergency room, you first speak with a triage nurse about your condition so that they can review your symptoms and determine what type of preliminary tests are needed, which doctors or specialists should handle your case, and ensure the most critical cases are handled first.

In IT Help Desks, Support Level 1 is usually an associate that will answer the call, log the concern, send details to the appropriate person and issue the caller a ticket or record number for their reference.

Support Level 1 at MBC

At MBC, we have set the bar when it comes to delivering Support Level 1 service. Our associates are empowered to problem solve and tackle a number of issues. In fact, our Level 1 Support team is so strong that 80% of issues are resolved without ever having to be escalated to another person or tier. The 80% that are resolved account for almost all ‘end-user’ issues and when a call is escalated it typically means that a technician must be dispatched to the site to view the machine or device or that it is a serious, complicated issue that is affecting a number of users.

In fact, we have a number of small and medium-sized businesses that inform us that we resolve their help tickets faster than when they had on-site support staff!

MBC Support Guidelines

To ensure that all calls are handled quickly and receive the knowledge and service necessary to resolve as fast as possible, MBC has developed four support levels with guidelines.

Level 1 Support

All calls are answered by our remote Level 1 Help Desk, located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Resolutions are provided for all basic problems and if the concern isn’t resolved within 30 minutes, it gets escalated to Level 2 Support.

Level 2 Support

Level 2 Support can be received remotely or on-site depending on what the issue is. Level 2 Support is responsible for resolving all advanced computer, firewall, network and server issues. If the concern has not been successfully diagnosed within 2 hours or the issue has not been resolved with 4 hours, the ticket is escalated to Level 3 Support.

Level 3 Support

Level 3 Support is provided for complex issues that require the expertise of a Network Architect or Application Software Architect. Depending on the issue, Level 3 Support can be handled remotely or on site. If the issue has not been diagnosed within one hour or after two hours it has not been resolved, the support ticket will be escalated to Level 4 Support.

Level 4 Support

Once a support ticket reaches Level 4 Support, it becomes an escalation to a 3rd party or vendor. The hardware or software vendor will provide the resolution time.

Why Use MBC?

By having a responsible, professional and expert help desk team at your fingertips, your business gains more benefits than just exceptional IT support. Significant cost savings versus a traditional staffing model is a key benefit but so is prompt response time, 99% first-time resolution and 98% end-user customer satisfaction rating.

To find out more about how MBC can provide a single point of contact for all your IT incidents, requests, and infrastructure monitoring while saving your business money on resources, get a free analysis today.

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