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What IT Services Should Be Kept Inside, and What Services Can Be Outsourced?

What IT Services Should Be Kept Inside, and What Services Can Be Outsourced?

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What IT Services Should Be Kept Inside, and What Services Can Be Outsourced

When a business is first started, everything is typically done in-house. Very often there’s no budget for hiring other people or outsourcing specialized jobs. But once a company gets on its feet, it needs to start making decisions about what IT services should be kept inside and what services can be outsourced. Getting bogged down in tasks that aren’t directly involved in keeping your business afloat can be costly. Here’s a list of some of the IT services that should be outsourced.

Hardware Infrastructure

After a certain point, it can become too expensive and time-consuming to maintain hardware infrastructure. Outsourcing this job can save vast amounts of money spent on hardware, storage space, and maintenance. As the system grows it becomes more complex and more expensive to maintain. Let another company source, operate, and troubleshoot hardware infrastructure. Then your costs are reduced to a monthly fee and your focus can return to the business at hand.

Cloud Computing

There are many advantages to migrating to the cloud but hosting your own cloud-based system can be taxing – both in time and money. Outsourcing your cloud computing needs allow you to reap all the benefits without worrying about its basic functioning. It also allows you to delegate the responsibility for updates, backups, and security to a team of experts rather than spreading yourself too thin.

E-Commerce Operations

If your business relies on e-commerce, it’s best to have that taken care of by a specialist. Sub-par performance, or even worse, complete dysfunction, could spell the end of your online revenue. A smooth-running e-commerce site gives your customers confidence. A poorly functioning site can quickly scare customers away. Focus on your product while letting an expert focus on theirs.


As more business is done online, more cybercriminals are encouraged to try and take advantage of the situation. Shielding yourself from these types of bad actors is akin to a nuclear arms race. Keeping up with the latest threat being posed can divert your attention from your core business. Cybersecurity is an arcane and rapidly changing field and shouldn’t be dealt with half-heartedly. Unless you’re already a specialist, leave it up to those who deal with it full-time.

Updates and Backups

Although installing updates and creating backups isn’t difficult, it can be time-consuming. It’s also very easy to put off. Updates and backups can seem inconsequential until there’s a problem. For peace of mind and the stability of your business, outsource this type of repetitive work to a competent practitioner.

App Development

It seems like every great company has at least one app. Many have several. However, you can be sure that not all of those companies developed those apps themselves. Apps need to be timely and relevant which means, even if you have the skills, you could be distracted into spending all your time servicing your apps and forgetting about your core business. Rather than bringing people in-house for this job, outsource it.

Repetitive Tasks

Completing repetitive tasks that don’t require the best of your abilities can be a waste of time and talent. If the tasks that need to be done can’t be automated, consider outsourcing the job. It may be more profitable to pay someone else to do something that’s taking you away from your specialization.

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