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Where Does Cloud Technology Store Data?

Where Does Cloud Technology Store Data?

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Where Does Cloud Technology Store Data

One of the biggest technology trends in recent years has been the popularity of cloud computing. While you have probably heard of the cloud, you still may not be entirely sure of how it works or have questions such as where does cloud technology store their data? Even if your business isn’t using cloud technology, chances are you have through using media sharing services such as YouTube and Instagram or webmail clients like Gmail. Below, we will take a look at cloud computing and how it works, where it is stored and what details you should know.

What is Cloud Computing

Simply put, cloud computing uses the internet to outsource programs and tasks that formally were stored on a personal computer. This can range from simple storage to very complex processing applications and remote networks. Cloud outsourcing is an attractive option for business owners because they only need to pay for what they use and no longer have to purchase costly storage hardware. Historically, businesses would often overspend and purchase more IT infrastructure than what was actually needed because they feared they may underestimate their demand. Hardware isn’t the only expense – software, networks, servers, power, cooling and physical space are all needed to keep everything running. 

With cloud computing, businesses can run essential applications and programs via the internet to save space, time, hassle and significant IT spend. Cloud services billing works similar to how the utility bills do for your business – you receive it once a month and it is typically on a pay as you go model. One of the greatest advantages of the cloud is the instant scalability, where you can build up on the fly and when need to reduce, release the resources you no longer require.

Where Cloud Technology Stores Data

While many people think of cloud technology as hovering somewhere in the sky, everything that you use and store does exist on dedicated servers and storage devices. Often, these are large warehouses which are referred to as data centres and are owned by cloud service providers.

Data centres are filled with servers that run 24-7 with extensive cooling systems to keep the devices from overheating and safety measures to prevent from destruction and theft. There is also usually at least one backup generator to cover in case of a power outage.

Where in the world is your data stored? It could be anywhere across the globe, depending on where your cloud service provider’s data centres are located. Many cloud providers actually have multiple locations and will replicate the data you upload so that if a disaster strikes such as a fire at one location, your information is protected from being destroyed.

Does Location Matter?

For most people, where their data is stored isn’t a concern as it is instantly accessible via the internet. However, some organizations may need to follow certain regulations for where their information can be stored. Government agencies, hospitals or other industries that are applicable to national privacy laws need to follow compliance guidelines regarding where and how personal information is stored.

Cloud service companies are committed to keeping your information secure, after all, their reputation depends on it. Data centres are equipped with advanced security techniques and authentication processes are in place to protect data. If you are curious as to where your cloud service provider has their data centres, just ask.

At MBC, we offer a 100% Canadian private cloud with our data centre located in downtown Toronto. Our controlled environment supports fast incident resolution and increased security over public clouds. To learn more about how using Cloud technology can benefit your business, get a free assessment today.

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