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Where is Cloud Technology Located?

Where is Cloud Technology Located?

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Where is Cloud Technology Located

When many people think of the cloud, the image of a far-off place somewhere in the sky that magically stores their files may come to mind. While most people are familiar with mainstream cloud applications like Dropbox or Google Drive, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes to make cloud computing work. But where is cloud technology located? 

In order to understand where cloud technology is located, it is important to understand how cloud technology works first. Essentially, with cloud computing, you can store and retrieve your business files, data, software, etc. from a remote area online and not a physical hard drive at your location. This way, your files and data are accessible from any location or device provided you have an internet connection. A simple example is using a personal Gmail account. The emails that you send and receive are not stored on your computer’s hard drive but instead on the email provider’s servers.

The Cloud Location

So, while you can open and access your files from any computer, phone, tablet or location, all that data in the cloud still needs to be physically stored somewhere. Cloud hosting companies need to have plenty of powerful servers dedicated to storing all of their clients’ data. Many of these organizations run what are referred to as server farms, which are basically large warehouses filled with servers that run 24-7, year-round.

Now you may be wondering where in the world your data is being stored. Typically, you would need to research or ask each cloud provider to find out. Some may be based out of North America or others in Asia or the UK. Often cloud hosting companies may outsource their own server farms to satellite locations to lower operating costs. Another question that many people wonder is if their data is safe. Reputable cloud companies have robust security measures in place to safeguard your data, however, it is important that you do the research before you choose a provider. While one may have a lower price for cloud storage, they may not as be as secure as others.

Before choosing a cloud service provider, ask about what safeguards are in place to protect your business’s data. One common best-practice that some providers will do is replicate your data a few times on different servers to ensure that if any disaster (such as a fire or malicious damage) were to occur, that your information is safe.

Keep in Mind

The important point to remember is that even though your data isn’t being stored on your computer’s hard drive, it is being stored somewhere. For this reason, do your research and make sure that your important data is being stored properly and confidentially.

At MBC, we offer our clients a 100% Canadian Private Cloud environment, with our storage datacenter location in our nation’s leading telecommunication hotel in downtown Toronto. If your business is considering moving to the cloud, we can help your organization make the transition to the cloud while also utilizing your existing investments. CloudReach is our unique service that leverages cloud technologies growth advantages alongside optimizing your business’s technology environment. We utilize a Cloud Migration Roadmap which includes the critical stages of discovery, strategy, and execution to ensure that you understand how cloud technology will help drive growth and optimize resources for your unique business while keeping your data confidential and secure.

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