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Why Are IT Audits Important?

Why Are IT Audits Important?

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In our data-driven world, businesses have become the custodians of huge amounts of information. Some of this information is strictly for internal use, some is shared with the public and some is highly sensitive and needs to be judiciously protected. This is where IT audits come into play. Why are IT audits important? They ensure that the systems that use and rely on this data are stable, secure and protected from attacks by cybercriminals. In this post, we’ll learn more about the importance of IT audits.

What Is An IT Audit?

An IT audit is the process of analyzing and evaluating an IT system’s structure and all its attendant operations and procedures. This is meant to ensure its ability to function efficiently, reliably and accurately while complying with industry regulations and remaining safe from cyberattacks. IT audits should examine the system’s current functioning while also being forward-looking. An audit should provide recommendations to correct immediate issues while also proposing proactive system modifications for future growth and security. Methods for increasing productivity and growth should be encouraged while potential security risks are identified and mitigated.

Why Are IT Audits Important?

IT audits are important because their results can be used to both protect and grow a company. Businesses that rely on IT need to ensure their systems are reliable and secure. An IT audit should help ensure an organization’s IT systems remain fully functional, regulation-compliant and safe from cybercriminal compromise. An IT audit will also propose upgrades designed to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and help facilitate future growth.

Steps In An IT Audit

An IT audit is carried out in several steps. Each step is designed with the end goal of a complete evaluation of the organization’s IT systems and procedures. The IT audit should help identify and respond to security risks while providing recommendations for the continued growth of the organization. Below are the basic steps in an IT audit.

Information Gathering

The first step of the IT audit process is to assess the IT systems and identify the hardware and software being used, the importance of the various components and how they are being used by the organization. The information gathering process will also be used to examine the organization itself and how it uses and relies on the IT structure.


After all relevant information has been gathered, it needs to be evaluated. This will allow recommendations to be made regarding the integrity of the IT systems, the role the IT systems play (and should play) and what can be done to further bolster security and improve processes and procedures. The evaluation process should be used to help identify strengths, weaknesses and areas which can be improved.

Goal Identification

Once the organization and its systems have been thoroughly examined and assessed, there should be an identification of goals which need to be realized. These goals should ensure the integrity, security and reliability of the IT systems while the needs of the organization are furthered and expanded upon. All aspects of the IT systems should be included in this step, including functional processes and procedures, security protocols, system stability and future improvements and upgrades.


The results of the IT audit need to be documented and reported to ensure that all the relevant parties have an equal understanding of their roles and responsibilities. The IT audit report will highlight potential risks, make suggestions for improvements and predict future problems and opportunities. The report will provide the groundwork for an action plan designed to improve efficiency, reliability and security of the organization’s IT systems.

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