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Why Many Businesses Will Outsource Their IT Needs After COVID-19

Why Many Businesses Will Outsource Their IT Needs After COVID-19

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Why Many Businesses Will Outsource Their IT Needs After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on many businesses, causing incredible financial strain. Unfortunately, for some, lay-offs and budget slashes have been necessary to remain afloat. As more organizations are clawing back on their IT budgets at a time where cybersecurity is on the rise, will outsourcing or other customized IT solutions be as effective, and will this trend continue post-pandemic?

While there is no argument how vital professional IT solutions are for businesses, even before the coronavirus pandemic, supporting in-house IT departments were becoming too costly for many small and medium-sized businesses. Managed Services, Block IT Services, and other IT outsourcing was already seeing major growth as organizations reevaluated their resource allocation. It is highly likely that post-pandemic, the demand for outsourced IT solutions will continue to grow.

Here are a few of the advantages and how outsourced IT services measure up to in-house teams.

Reduces Cost

It is estimated that because of the current economic stains resulting from the coronavirus pandemic that about 30% of organizations are looking to reduce their IT budgets to fund other critical areas of their operations. Even when social distancing measures relax and businesses can return to regular operations, the need to be cost-effective and streamlined to continue competing in the marketplace will be more important than ever.

Thanks to recent advances in technology such as cloud computing, many small to medium-sized businesses have already taken advantage of the cost savings that accompany outsourcing their IT solutions. Pre-pandemic, driving factors may have been to save space or labour resources.  Now that so many workforces have transitioned to working remotely, the need for effective, scalable IT solutions that also are cybersecurity savvy that can manage the demands and challenges of remote workforces – and cost less will be sought after.

Drives Growth

While at the moment, many businesses are just focused on doing what they can do to survive, a silver lining to this pandemic may be that businesses will strive for growth to be financially stable and better prepared should a situation like this ever occur again.

By outsourcing IT requirements, businesses can save money as mentioned above and use the additional funds to invest in business growth. While innovation and growth can vary based on your industry and other aspects such as location, manufacturing, and marketing, the ability to invest in these aspects will help propel businesses into the future. Today more than ever, business growth is vital in order to succeed.

Supports Workforce Changes

The past several months has been new territory for everyone across the globe. Even once the virus is brought under control, people will likely retain a heightened sense of caution, and be concerned about hygiene and large gatherings. Many people may want to continue working from home, even if just a few days a week, and now organizations have seen that it certainly is possible to operate without having all their employees in the same physical space.

Facilitating the ability for employees to work from home whether it be part-time when not feeling well or other scenarios typically demands different IT solutions. Employees need support no matter where they are working from and IT solutions that help encourage growth, increase productivity, and efficiency are critical.

With Managed IT Services, your business can have access to specialized IT professionals with the latest technology that can deliver innovative solutions specifically customized for your business. With in-house teams, often the tasks revolve around supporting the office and equipment and there can be major security and support gaps for remote workers. By partnering with a Managed Service Provider like MBC, customized cloud solutions, network security, end-point protection and help desk support can be available to your organization for a reliable, fixed monthly rate.

If your organization needs to reduce IT costs but doesn’t want to sacrifice support and security, MBC can help. Get a free assessment to learn how we can support your business with strategic IT support.

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