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Why Private Cloud is Better Than Public Cloud

Why Private Cloud is Better Than Public Cloud

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Why Private Cloud is Better Than Public Cloud

While the public cloud has experienced substantial growth over the past few years and has many attractive benefits, there are certain circumstances why a private cloud may be better than a public cloud for your business. If your organization is considering migrating to the cloud in 2021, here are some reasons why you may consider a private cloud environment.

Control and Customization

With public clouds, the infrastructure is managed by a third-party. While your organization controls the virtual operating systems, machines, and applications of your cloud environment, the actual underlying physical network, servers and storage devices are controlled by an organization other than your own. In situations where your business needs highly specialized configurations or a particular way of doing things, using a private cloud is a better choice. This way, you’ll be able to conduct software and hardware customizations, integrate your cloud environment with legacy systems, and control your entire infrastructure.

Security and Compliance

One of the top inhibitors to organizations making the switch to a public cloud service is security and privacy concerns. Because with public cloud environments, organizations don’t have control over the underlying infrastructure, it can be difficult for them to have complete confidence that their data is being properly protected. When using public cloud services, it isn’t possible to be assured that strict access control policies are enforced on physical servers, that the service provider’s engineers have gone through a stringent vetting process or that the actual data centre itself is resilient enough to withstand a disaster such as an earthquake, flood or fire.

Other times there are concerns as to the physical location where data and machines are stored and if overseas this could be an issue with organizations that need to comply with various protection acts, such as the GDPR.

With a private cloud environment, these issues are not a concern. In a private cloud environment, your organization has complete control over the underlying storage, servers, and network and you can customize the architecture, implementation, and security from top to bottom.

Superior Performance

When working with a public cloud provider, typically you are unable to choose the exact servers or networks that will be used. If being able to architect the underlying infrastructure (including power and cooling) is important to you, then a private cloud option is better. If you choose a private cloud option, you can purchase your hardware (or use your existing hardware) and build your infrastructure accordingly. Multiple levels of redundancy can be applied and there are many ways to increase workload capacity and reduce latency provided that you have the skillset and budget to execute.

What is Best for Your Business?

The economic advantage of public clouds is hard to match, however, if control and security are top priorities for your business, a private cloud is a better option. There is also a way to mix some advantages of both environments by choosing a hybrid cloud model that can allow your business to maintain a private cloud but leverage public cloud infrastructure. No matter which model you choose, migrating to the cloud requires a strategic plan and a team of highly skilled experts. By partnering with MBC, you can be confident that you have a trusted cloud provider that can guide you each step along the way and develop and execute the roadmap for your migration success.

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